Rail Europe’s Sustainable Rail Summit – Driving the Future of Sustainable Rail Travel

Paris, France – 21 March 2024 – Yesterday, Rail Europe hosted the highly anticipated Sustainable Rail Summit at Autonomy Paris, marking a pivotal moment for the future of sustainable rail travel in Europe. The summit was a resounding success, drawing hundreds of attendees, including industry leaders, train operators, train manufacturers, innovators, policymakers, and sustainable mobility advocates, all gathered to propel the rail sector towards a greener future.

This very first rail summit at Autonomy Paris, featured five enlightening keynotes from renowned experts in the rail and mobility industry, offering deep insights into the latest trends, challenges, and advancements in sustainable rail travel. Additionally, three interactive panel discussions allowed for in-depth exploration of crucial topics, including meeting the growing demand for sustainable rail travel, navigating the competitive landscape, and building integrated, eco-friendly end-to-end travel experiences.

Highlights of the summit included:

  • Panel Discussions on critical issues such as scaling up rail infrastructure in Europe, enhancing passenger experience through technological innovation, and creating seamless, sustainable travel options that meet customer expectations.
  • Awards Ceremony where Rail Europe recognized outstanding contributions to sustainable rail travel:
    • Best Innovation: Siemens Mireo hybrid and hydrogen trains
    • Best Sustainability Initiative: SBB Snow'n' Rail routes
    • Best Product: ÖBB Nightjet new routes
    • Best Train Promotion Campaign: STS Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Björn Bender, CEO of Rail Europe, inspired attendees with a compelling call to action, emphasizing the need for collaboration, innovation, and investment to drive the sustainable rail future. "The needs of customers are easy, accessible, and transparent solutions. I call on everyone here today to not just be spectators of this transformation but to be its drivers. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and invest further in a sustainable rail future. The journey is long and the challenges are many, but together, we can and will make a difference,” he stated.

The summit not only facilitated networking among key stakeholders but also served as a platform for sharing insights, influencing the direction of the industry, and showcasing innovations driving sustainable mobility.

As the curtains close on this groundbreaking event, the message is clear: The future of European rail travel is sustainable, and through collective efforts, significant strides can be made towards achieving it. Rail Europe extends its gratitude to all participants and looks forward to continuing the journey towards a greener, more connected future.

About Rail Europe

Rail Europe is the global reference brand for European train booking. We have been the trusted partner of the travel industry and train operators for 90 years. Our rail expert teams provide technology solutions and customer care services to +20,000 partners in more than 70 countries. International travellers who want to travel by train easily throughout Europe can also book their travel directly through our state-of-the-art train booking website and app. Our catalogue of products focuses on 200 rail providers such as SNCF, SBB, Eurostar, Trenitalia, Italo, DB, Renfe, ÖBB, SNCB, NS, OUIGO Spain and National Rail, and rail passes including the Swiss Travel Pass and Eurail Passes. We sell around 5 million European train tickets every year. Our offices are around the globe and we are headquartered in Paris.

About Autonomy

Autonomy is the world’s leading sustainable mobility platform where we're pushing the transition from motorists to mobilists. As a community-driven platform, we bring together mobility experts, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to promote sustainable, smart, and inclusive mobility solutions.

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