Rail Europe Unlocks Connections by supporting “THE Great Walk” project

Campaign to raise awareness & end global homelessness

Paris, France – 22 December 2023 –  Rail Europe, a key player in European train travel, is honored to announce its support for "THE Great Walk," an unprecedented initiative by Homeless Entrepreneur aimed at raising awareness for the global homelessness crisis.

"THE Great Walk" involves a 150 km journey from Zurich, the most expensive city in Europe, to Davos, the highest town in Europe. This symbolic trek represents the plight of approximately 150 million homeless individuals worldwide, with each kilometer walked symbolizing one million people experiencing homelessness. The event will culminate in a four-night sleep out in -20ºC temperatures during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, highlighting the harsh realities faced by the homeless.

Björn, CEO of Rail Europe, shared his thoughts on this collaboration: " We at Rail Europe are immensely proud to support 'THE Great Walk.' This initiative is a powerful statement in the fight against homelessness, and it aligns with our core values of social responsibility and community support. By standing with Homeless Entrepreneur in this cause, we hope to inspire change and raise awareness on the global climate issues that will lead to more poverty and people being moved from their homes."

The aim of "THE Great Walk" is not only to raise awareness but also to inspire those affected by homelessness and their supporters. By physically and symbolically walking in the shoes of the homeless, the initiative seeks to foster empathy, understanding, and concrete actions towards ending homelessness.

This partnership underscores Rail Europe's commitment to making a tangible difference in the world and supporting vital social causes.

For more information on "The Great Walk" and how you can contribute, please visit Homeless Entrepreneur's website.

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